Why Us?
Why Us?

Why Us?

When it comes to finding a cheap phone with an excellent price-quality ratio Amazon, eBay and Craiglist are often the cheapest options, but the savings come with a good amount of risks. After the sale is completed, there is very little chance that you will hear from the seller again. If something goes wrong with the phone, you will be alone.

Our company Cape Phone Repair is there to eliminate that risk. We have been in the cellphone repair business since 2014 based in Tampa FL every phone is carefully inspected for our technicians to ensure the best experience and quality for our customers. A thorough phone inspection, a 180-day warranty, and unparalleled customer support mean you're sure you'll be happy with your purchase.

Buying a used iPhone has proven to be the way forward for millions of us. iPhones have been around for more than a decade and have transformed the way we navigate, connect and communicate. The only drawback is that its high cost can be prohibitive for many of us.

If you are looking for a premium iPhone but do not want to empty your bank account to buy a new Apple iPhone or your credit score is not good you are not alone. Every day, hundreds of people around the world save big by buying a used iPhone.

Here are several reasons why buying a second-hand iPhone is a good idea:

#1. There are a lot of good deals on iPhone available on Cape Phone Repair:

iPhones are some of the most coveted and desirable mobile phones on the market, and the main reason why many aspiring Apple fans have not yet made the leap to iOS is the significant cost of buying a new phone.

If you investigate, check all the basics and get a big money saving in terms of a used iPhone and a new one then you can get an absolute offer that will work like new. This is an excellent way to save an important part of your monthly salary earned with so much effort so that you have much left to spend on other important things in life.

#2. You are not tied to any contract:

Buying a used iPhone of good quality is an excellent way to replace or update your phone for a fraction of the price and you will not be linked to a long-term contract with your network provider if you follow the advice in the rest of this article.

# 3. You ultimately end up saving money with an unlocked phone.

The upfront price of an unlocked phone may be more than a carrier-bound option. However, you should take into consideration other factors. Carriers tend to finance the phone, which seems like the cheaper option in the beginning. This surely ends up costing more in the end. The same goes for contracts and other fees that come with a network.

#4. They’re great for traveling.

True, many networks have specialized plans for international traveler. Some do find it easier to simply have an unlocked phone for foreign sim cards when they travel. For example, many European countries offer an international sim card that can be put into your phone and operate across several areas. This way, one can pause their current plan back in the homeland and utilize a temporary one in a new country.

#5. A used phone is an ecological choice

Naturally, it’s always more ecological to buy a refurbished phone than a new phone.

The small electronics contained in phones also contain rarer precious metals. Thus, by recycling them we are also helping out the environment. As more and more people buy their phones refurbished, the need for the use of rare natural resources in manufacturing new models is reduced.

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